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that would have assumed an employer guilty if the employee is let go within 90 days of using a sick day, and not requiring businesses to provide nine days of paid leave to employees unless the business employs at least 250 people. This initiative will kill small businesses in Denver, and will raise the unemployment rolls. Please join us and read what Keep Denver Competitive has to say, and follow my Blog.

Yellow Cab of Denver

yello_cab_ztrip Friends don't let friends drive drunk. We want to be your friend, and keep you safe. Join the growing number of on-premise establishments in our GPS operated Safe-Ride-Home Program. For more information, call 303-945-5249.

Click on the picture to get info on the new Taxi Stand on 14th. Street.

In celebration of this event, we would like to offer you a $14.00 zTrip Credit for your next Black Car Ride to get you to downtown! Download the zTrip Smartphone Application and use the Promo Code “14thStreet” to receive a $14.00 credit towards your next ride!  Ride in style with zTrip!

Offer expires: March 13, 2014.

Colorado Bar Owners Association

CBOA_logo2 If you hold a Colorado On-Premise Liquor License, we'd like to talk to you. Learn why hundreds of other licensees have joined the Colorado Bar Owners Association, and how membership in our 501(c)(6) organization can help you and your business. Call our Executive Director, Mickey Petrollini at 303-945-5249.

This is your organization and we want to make sure that we give you as much value as we can and we encourage you to "Think Vendors First" as they are the group helping to support this organization and keep your dues down.

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